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Beat the Irish Tailgate: November 24

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USC Alumni Club of Long Beach - Beat the Irish

The last game of the season. One of our most storied rivalries. A 5 p.m. kick-off gives us all day to pump each other up as we wait for the moment when USC will leave the Irish reeling.

And where will you be prior to this victory? The 1st correct answer: On campus. Followed by: At the USC Alumni Club of Long Beach’s Tailgate.

Join us as we eat, drink, socialize, and hoot & holler our way through our last chance to tailgate on campus for the year.


All the specialty chili, spicy links, hamburgers (beef, turkey, veggie!) and hot dogs you could dream of, served up by the phenomenal Earlez Grille. And you won’t be forced to wash down that goodness with just any old beer can. Our longtime partner District Wine will be moving their famous wine lounge from the LBC to Trousdale for one day and one day only –just for our tailgate! For your ALL YOU CAN DRINK pleasure they’ll be pouring all the select wines and brews that made them famous. Oh, and mimosas? Check! Oh, and Trojan-inspired cocktails? Double check!

We know you’re just as excited as we are to bring the USCLBC party train rolling through campus for our 3rd annual tailgate. We’ll see you there, and until then…Fight On! Beat the Irish!

Where we will be. Also look out for our banner.

USCLBC Tailgate 2012



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